Monday, January 12, 2015

Can We All Just Get Along?

It is easy for me to take pot shots at religion, politics, bigots and idiots.  But I realize that I have to be careful when I am getting close to strongly held personal beliefs. I try to moderate what I say, even things that I like or share on Facebook that others might find offensives. And I do find what others post offensive from time to time.  Someone I know recently posted on Facebook a college athletic rivalry image depicting hanging the opposing team's mascot.  I was offended.  I have seen some pretty ugly parts of history and most of them I try to learn from without becoming emotional, but a couple of years ago I read a report, with very graphic photos describing the practice of lynching as a form of social and political intimidation.  A practice that continued in this country into the 1960's - and beyond. Lynching is not a joking matter, it is a terrible form of murder and intimidation that is still a very real fear in the minds of people we know, like, love, respect and work with.  Last year, I posted comments on my brother's FB page about his endorsement of the Duck Dynasty nutters, he hasn't replied to my emails since.  My comments were that the DD guy had said some hurtful things and that by supporting him, it sounded like he was adopting those views, and I didn't really think that was who my brother was.  Maybe I was wrong.  I still don't think he is that bigoted.  If we all try, and are a little careful, we can all get along.

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  1. People seem to take umbrage so easily these days, and don't forgive or bend. Too bad.