Thursday, January 22, 2015

Busy Days

If you want something done, find someone busy; I can recall when I use to say that.  Some days I am too busy to get it all done.  And people keep sending me projects.  A couple of weeks ago the proof a book being written by an old friend appeared on my desk.  I thought nothing of it, I had read a companion volume she wrote a couple of years ago and I know the new book will be great.  On the way home I get an email from my boss saying he put the book on my desk and forgot to ask me to write a blurb / endorsement to go on the back cover - and he needs it tomorrow.  Nice - I can do that.  It has been a crazy week. 

If you ever get a chance, read the first chapter of "The Old Man and The Sea."  I think it is the best thing Hemingway wrote.  Just read the first chapter - the entire book is one long narrative - one chapter.  I am working on what seems like an endless chapter for a text book.  I have finished it, shipped it, approved the edits, and this afternoon it came back for more edits and additions.  I rarely work on weekends, I will have to do so to get this done. Will it ever end? 

Tomorrow, I have a quarterly meeting, that we hold three times a year.  Only lawyers can call it a quarterly meeting and hold it three times a year.  


  1. I'll have to read it, never have. Thanks!

  2. I used to reread it that book every two-three years.