Saturday, April 04, 2020

A Proper Apology

There is saying, be slow to criticize and fast to apologize.  A proper apology takes little time, and can do an lot to quell bad feelings. 

There are a few steps to doing this right. 

  • Take ownership of the problem.  
  • Acknowledge the impact on the other person. 
  • Promise to do better. 
  • If appropriate, describe steps taken to prevent the action from happening again. 

Here is an example:

  • I sincerely apologize for the idiot that is president of the United States.  
  • I understand that his stupidity, insecurities, and racism have set world progress back a century.  He never should have happened.  
  • I promise to continue to work to change the political compromise that allowed the loser of the popular vote to be elected, we should have fixed that decades ago. 
  • I assure you I will vote in the next election, and encourage my like minded friends to vote. 
  • As soon as he is out of office, we will work to undo the mess that he has caused.  
  • I am so sorry, we should have done better.  

So there are the elements, take ownership, offer a sincere apology, acknowledge the harm, promise to do better, offer steps to be taken. 

If I had said, sorry, but I didn't vote for the idiot (and I didn't) the apology has much less impact, it is in effect, saying sorry but it is not my problem. 

What else do I need to apologize for today? 


  1. I don't know...but apologies always start good with a poured gin.

  2. Well... as a Canadian, apology not accepted until we see what happens after November 2020.... hmmm. ; )

    1. If needed, would Canada please invade and annex us?

  3. Well in my household, "I'm sowwy, let mama kiss and make it better" works. It brings on chuckles and eases tension, so win/win.
    I apologize for Steven's lack of Canadian politeness in not accepting your apology. These are, however, desperate times.

  4. I am afraid, so afraid that our idiot President will somehow use COVID 19 to try to delay the November election. He wants to become a Putin--ruling forever, seemingly.

    1. If he tries, I think even the Senate might vote against him

    2. God, I hope so. He has got to go--NOW!!!

    3. The sooner the better

  5. I love this! You've summed up this apology quite nicely. However, BethB's fear has creeped into my mind also.

  6. Anonymous4/04/2020

    A gracious apology for what you are not responsible for, and strangely no blogger in your country who I follow.

  7. Excellent. So few want to apologize these days. I remember knowing when and how to do so was a sign of a true gentleman.