Sunday, March 15, 2020

Travel update 15 March

We are at the airport in a Dublin, the rental car was returned without a scratch. I did not cause anymore locals to panic, only one person tooted at me in a roundabout. The airport in a Dublin is empty, not many people coming or going. We have checked in for our Monday morning flight, Delta shows us on time. It looks like we are coming in 12 hours ahead of the latest change in restrictions, hopefully the bedlam on the US side has subsided somewhat by the time I get there. I have asked the office for permission to telecommute for up to a month. That will work for me.


  1. Fingers crossed, hon! If push comes to shove, there are worse places to be stranded in than Ireland :)

  2. 4 hour lines at o'hare to get thru may run into the same at dulles. be prepared.

    1. We are going through Boston, and it appears passenger volume is dropping fast. Here is hoping.

  3. My ex just got in from ...wait for, brussel, italy and Amsterdam....once back here. Not one...NOT ONE person asked where they were, how they felt, took there temperature or were told to go get checked if systomoms start. And they noticed no one else approached either. Yeah....we got strict screenings at the airports in place. We're fucked.

    1. Don’t ask, don’t tell at its best

  4. Anonymous3/16/2020

    When you read this I expect you will be safely home. While we were in a terribly safe place, our island state, we really wanted to come home.

  5. Ooh, that fist photo is exactly how I imane it to look! Wishing you pleasant flights and not very challenging connections!

  6. It hope you two get home safe and sound and all well when you get there.

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