Monday, March 16, 2020

Notes from the road, 12 March Mt Juliet Estate, Thomastown Ireland

A quiet day, driving south to the home of the Irish Open Golf Tournament. The hotel is undergoing a major remodel, and is very plush to start with.  We visited the ruins of an abbey on the way, and passed a dozen others. The weather is very changeable, going from sunshine to rain, and back to sunshine. The wind is the big constant. As we went south the hills become more rolling, less steep, bigger fields.

We are scheduled to fly home on Monday. I have been checking for updates from the airline, and it appears to be on schedule. Ireland is closing schools for the rest of March. My office is setting up for telecommuting.


  1. happy bears! and sweet bear grew a beard!

  2. So glad you were able to get this trip in and so obviously enjoy it. What a great photo. Wishing you well on the return trip!

  3. Oh... I LOVE Jay with a beard!!!

  4. I am glad to read you are enjoying yourselves and not letting the travel woes upset your holiday.
    I too think Jay looks marvelous with whiskers!