Saturday, September 14, 2019

Why Not!

Why not put the top down? 

Why not enjoy life? 

The rational arguments are always there, urging restraint.  The challenges of life will always be with us.  If we let all of those things rule our lives, we will never enjoy what we have.  

For one day: 
Don't act your age, 
Don't worry about what you don't have,
Don't obsess over living longer, 
Eat what tastes good, 
Drink the cool water, with plenty of ice,  
Breath deeply, 
Love without conditions,
Laugh without restraint, 
Ignore the opposition, 
Forgive evil, not for them, but to free yourself from carrying the burden of hate, 
Live the adventure around you, 
Bloom where you are planted, 

If we can do it for a day, why not forever? 


  1. that pix, taken in philly; someone is over-compensating...white male with small penis syndrome. hee hee.

    30 years ago, when I beat cancer, I vowed to never let anyone or anything hold me back ever again. I have embarrassed my blood relatives (too damn bad), I have pissed off former friends (again, too damn bad). but I will NOT be boxed in for the rest of my life because I am the round peg in the square hole. I LOVE BEING FREE!

    1. Keep being you! The older I get the rounder I get!

  2. Great advice although if I always ate whatever tasted good I wouldn’t have very long to worry about living forever!

    1. All good things in moderation.

  3. this is what's call the Sammy Davis Jr approach; he died in his 60s I think but he lived well.