Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A visit to the Wizards

While in DC in June I stopped by to see the Wizards in the big stone house. As usually DG went around the left side of the building and came in through the entrance that the lawyers use. The chamber was open and we were able to get in for a tour. The Whizzes were all busy whizzing, trying to finish up so that they could take there summer break that ends the first week of October. Not a bad job if you can get it, lifetime tenure and a three month summer break.



  1. "Lifetime tenure and a 3-month summer break," gee! you mean everybody doesn't get that? Tee-hee, I'm SO wicked!

  2. Gee next time I'm over that way I think I'll try the special entrance!

    We don't get the tenure or the three month break, Wickedhamster, but we sure pay for it!!

  3. Hey, I want my three months off or I'll eat all the nuts, drink all the ale and spirits and then crash all the autos that WC has left the keys in Ted Kennedy style...

    I think there is a bridge around here somewhere, I just have to find it. :-)

  4. Oh, on a side note, Mrs. Sq. was wondering if her WA Bar card would get her in the special entrance too?

    Or at least get a free drink?

  5. To get the free drink, you'd have to pry the vodka bottle out of Scalia's cold, dead hand first...