Thursday, July 17, 2008

The dog ate my homework

DG had to email a friend and ask her to resend to him the dial in number for a conference call this afternoon. His excuse was that the information was in his office and his office had been evacuated because the fireworks warehouse across the street caught fire. The friend's response was that this was the best "the dog ate my homework" excuse that she had ever heard. He sent her this picture that he took just outside his office window as he was fleeing the building. He knew it was probably time to leave when he could hear the exploding shells. A fireworks warehouse is not a good place to hold a wienie roast. The fire was contained to the fireworks building, it burned for over 4 hours and the 100 year old building is likely a total loss. Just another fun day at the office. Makes me want to go out of town!



  1. Ack!! I would have put on a pyth helmet and hid under my desk.

  2. I want pictures of the fireworks exploding. (I didn't get to see any fireworks for the Fourth of July this year...)

    Thank You.

  3. Was Daffy Duck or the Road Runner anywhere to be seen?

  4. Yep! It's "Welcome to Kentucky" alright!