Friday, July 18, 2008

No Pictures

Ok, Blogger won’t let me upload pictures right now.

During the fire yesterday the police came through DG’s office building telling people to evacuate. DG ran to his office, shut down his computer, grabbed his briefcase and cell phone and headed for the door. About half way down the hall he turned around and went back for his glasses. He then started for the door and realized that the only copy of about 25 hours of work on a major grant proposal was on his office computer. In a panic he decided he should email a copy to his home email address. Of course this involved restarting his computer. He pushed the button and waited, XP takes a minute to boot up. Then there is all of the security software and the synch-programs for the handheld and phone to start up before Outlook will open for mail. He started Outlook to soon causing the blackberry synch program to crash and ask him 50 times if he wanted to send an error message, are you really sure you don’t want to send an error message, it help to improve service for everyone still alive 10 minutes from now. As he is waiting for email to get ready the pyrotechnics in the building across the street start to explode, did I mention that DGs office is on the side of the building facing the fire. He was starting to wonder if he would die in service to his company. He was nearing panic when email finally opened and was wondering out loud, will anyone know that I died trying to safeguard my work, work that could change the destiny of the organization?

Probably not.



  1. For the love of Jehovah! I get the distinct impression that DG is far, far more devoted to HIS work than I am to mine! Also hoping DG didn't singe off any eyebrows!

  2. That reminds me of the time I was still working in our WA distribution center center during the big Seattle earthquake of 2001. I was in the office and the guys in the warehouse were running out the bay doors because 400 lbs. pallets of steel were falling off the tops of the 20' racks we had. I of course was trying to keep my computer monitor from jumping off my desk as the gents were running for their lives. Needless to say, I ended up under my desk and the monitor ended up on the floor.

    Oh well... I did end up with a nice flat screen. Everything eventually works itself out for the better.

  3. That was hilarious... only because that exact scenario would have happened to me!!!!! LOL.

    Loved it.

  4. Wow. Driving around the NW in my office seems so tame.

  5. Just don't ask Squirrel about driving in the snow and ice with me. He would have been under the desk if I had one in the front seat.