Thursday, February 21, 2008

Visiting old Friends

While we were in Florida we dropped in on some old freinds. DG lived in Florida for years and years, and well we won't talk about how old he is getting, but he knows lots of people who have lived there for years. His middle brother has worked at the "happiest place on earth" for 30 years (as of February 8th.) Now Florida homes can be a bit different and one bird's trash is another rodent's pleasure. Here I am on top of a Florida mailbox; the face opens down opening the front of the this unusual street side post box.



  1. There goes the neighborhood...

  2. Thirty years? In what capacity could you possibly stand to work at the happiest place on earth that long? LOL.

    (I really need to get my kids there. I'm the world WORST parent. My kids have never, ever been to Disney World and one of them is going to graduate next year...)

  3. He's back...hehehehe

  4. How can the "happiest place on earth" not serve alcohol? I always found that troublesome.

    Epcot, however, does serve alcohol.

    I'm confused.

  5. and still nothing to say....