Friday, February 15, 2008

Uncle Donald

I stopped in to visit Uncle Donald last week Florida. He is distantly related on my father's side, they really don't talk about it much, after-all he is a fligthed waterfowl and we are a flightless family.



  1. The way Donald slobbers when he talks reminds me of my baby doing "raspberries."

    Thanks for stopping in at my blog . . . and good for you for having such a great job! I can only hope to be so lucky . . . Alas, I have way WAY more debt than you do to pay off. Hopefully I can find something I love to do while paying it off. *sigh*

    Otherwise, my fall-back option is selling a kidney! Thanks again for stopping by - feel free to come back!

  2. I am very impressed that you now have bloggers with "hot momma" in their name checking you out -

    I am so going to go obsess over changing my blogger "handle" now

  3. OK - there doesn't seem to be a huge throng of people there. Did you loop off the area and not allow people in? Did you take it at 6:30 am? My goodness there is even breathing room there.

  4. Flighted, flightless... mixed marriages can get so complicated! And it's always the eggs who suffer most.

  5. You know why Donald talks the way he does?


    He's a sailor and loves his grog.

    End of lesson.

  6. Hey wait! You were at Disney just when my friends Cat and Shaun were!!!

    Did ya see them? I know that sounds insane but you WOULD recognize them. Shaun is like, 12 feet tall, bald and look like a giant! My little penguin, you are as big as his baby toe. Cat has pink and black hair and is a snow white wannabe. :)

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