Friday, February 29, 2008

Flight 6 Ready for Departure

Disney has a relatively new coaster ride, modeled on a barnstorming airplane ride. Up-down-and-around. Our boarding was delayed by a sqauller. Daddy and son had waited in line for 15 minutes, watching the coaster go around and around, at one point so close you could almost swat it like a pestering fly. Just as we get the top the kid wimps out and starts pitching an I-don't-wanna fit! The only exit was to step through the car and out onto the other side. This posed an even bigger challenge as the cry-baby refused to step into the car to step across and out the other side. Finally one of the mousetts volunteered to grab the legs as dad grabbed the swinging arms and they carried the little ingrate across the car, crying and screaming in the happiest place on earth, and they still don't sell booze in this place. Amazing!



  1. I think they should show video of children having screaming fits in public to teens to deter pregnancy.

    The sight of a child throwing himself on the ground having a hissy captioned with the words "BIRTH CONTROL!" would work wonders.

  2. I would have applauded once they got the little brat out of there.

    Ooops... did I just say that out loud?

  3. And to help out with this mission, the fine folks at Reef came out with these:

    Flip Flops with Flasks, made just for Meritt. :-)

  4. For MEEEE??????? Awww... You. Funny. Boy.