Monday, February 18, 2008

Dreaming of warmer places

I am sitting back today dreaming of warmer places. It is cold, and getting colder by the minute. DG was out and about this morning dropping big Red (his car) off to have the passenger side fender and door fixed from where some idiot pulled out of a parking lot into the side of the car last Thursday. It does not look bad, but the passenger side door won't open. Picking up a rental car this morning took over and hour, most of it standing around watching the rain turn to snow as the temperature droppd about 10 degrees in an hour. Ah, dreaming of warmer places and simpler days. It does not help that DG spent the weekend home in bed with a cold. Dreaming of warm days in warm sunny places.



  1. Awww.. you both need a big bowl of beef stew and a warm blankie.

  2. I dont know about DG, but every time my car gets decked in the parking lot nobody fesses up to it and I have to pay for the repair myself. I think there's some sort of parking lot fairy out there who benevolently mangles peoples' automobiles . . .

  3. Hey Little Penguin! Turn around! Minnie Mouse is right behind you!!!!