Monday, February 11, 2008

Drive On

Well it was not what DG had reserved, but the car rental place asked if it might be ok if they stuck us with a convertable last week, in Florida, where it was about 80 degrees with the sun shining. The lady was really nice so DG decided that he would give her a break and go zoom-zoom with the top down for a few days, that is when he could grab the keys and get me off the wheel. Can a penguin have an evil grin?


  1. OOooooo!!! Hot Rod Penguin!

  2. Too bad it was a Ford.

  3. I can see the grin from here....Even if it is a Ford, the top still went down. Zoom Zoom....sorry wrong car company.

  4. Anonymous2/15/2008

    I understand the evil grin. If I had to spend a couple of days in Florida in a convertable, I'd probably have one too.