Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Oh Shit!

I wish I could say wake me when this nightmare is over, but that would imply that I had slept well enough to have a nightmare.  

To all of the a$$holes who voted for Gary Johnson, instead of Hillary Clinton, because you wanted an outsider for president, CONGRATULATIONS, you elected Donald J Trump president of the United States.  He is an outsider.  I'll check back with you in a couple of years and see how that worked out for you all.  

I have to remind myself, the President alone, without collaboration from  Congress can do very-very little.  Just look at how little has been done in the past 6 years.  I don't think the Republicans in Congress are really going to see eye-to-eye with Trump.  He is in for a very frustrating four years.  And he can't fire most of the people who will stand in his way.  He has no clue, what he has gotten himself into.  All presidents make a few mistakes in the first few months, they either try to do things that lack authority to do, or they surround themselves with inside advisers, who do evil things - because they know the system and what they can do.  I truly hope that Trump chooses the first option.  If he is going to be an outsider, he needs to avoid surrounding him with the party insiders who helped him get elected.  


  1. Replies
    1. Tell us how you really feel this morning.

  2. You said it, brother! When my father died a long time ago, my mother's first words were, "This can't be happening." Sadly, those were my first words this morning when I saw the news from the US.

  3. I think 'oh shit' pretty much sums it up.



  4. Hmm the Independent voters didn't make a difference - us uneducated white voters did.....

  5. I am numb at this point.

  6. I'm numb and shocked and really scared.
    you're right 'oh, shit!

  7. Accomplishing anything as President won't be nearly as easy as Trump thinks. He has a tough road ahead.

  8. David,
    Sorry for the late response to your blog posting. My trip to Philly and time consuming days trying to arrange for Bill's cataract surgery have sorely put be way behind in my blogs. I'm just catching up now.
    In response to this posting, I was so shocked at the outcome of the election I couldn't even watch the results. I woke up the next day hoping it was a bad dream. Alas, it wasn't. Now all I can do is hope for the best. We have no alternative now.