Saturday, November 26, 2016


I have always hated the curmudgeons who wanted to edit my resume, recently I found myself becoming that curmudgeon.  There five or six things that stood out.  A first impression is everything.  And it was not good.  So I sent it back through with notes on it such as  Courts don' have clients, when filing applications on behalf of a client - you are not filing them for the state (with the state, but not for the state.)  

How and when did I become a grumpy old man?  It can't be my delicate age?  Maybe it is overwork.  

I sent my comments back through a mentor, a professor who trying to help a student find a summer placement.  I urged her to wait until after exams, and then suggest to the student edits, then have the student send the resume and a cover letter.  No need to tell her that I was the one who suggested the edits, give us the opportunity to start with a clean slate.  

Was I cruel? 
Are students really getting that dull? 
Would it have been better if I had just ignored the resume?  


  1. nope, students are idiots. I see stupid things go on with my 2 co-workers who are 1/2 my age. the dumbing down of muricca continues...

  2. People need to learn the jargon of their profession or the profession they hope to enter. Not to know makes them appear ill-prepared to work in that profession or industry. You were not cruel. You were helpful.

  3. Anonymous11/26/2016

    Maybe it's just inexperience.

  4. Anonymous11/26/2016

    No. Yes. No you were actually doing her a favour.

  5. when you feels damned if you do or damned if you don't, do the thing that feels right.

  6. In my Previous Life I had to read a lot of resumes. After a while you do see right through them don't you? Believe me, the novelty wore off fast.