Monday, July 14, 2014

If You've Seen One Fall

Back when I was in High School my parents and crazy cousin Bill and one of his wives, rented a plane a few to Niagara Falls for a weekend.  There are two sets of waterfalls at Niagara, nice ones on the American side, and spectacular ones on the Canadian side.  They landed in the US, looked at the American Falls and were headed for the bridge to Canada when Bill's wife of the day spied a shopping mall.  She suggested they stop and shop.  They said, well we haven't seen the Canadian falls, to which she said, if you've seen one fall, you've seen them all.  She didn't last long, as I recall she is the one who received a box of cow manure with divorcee papers attached for Christmas one year.  

This picture if of the smaller, upper falls at Lineville Falls in North Carolina.  The larger lower falls are behind me.  They are a steep half mile hike from the visitors center.  I did reasonably well, until the last 100 yards of the trail going back to the car, then there was the third fall, I stepped on something, tuned an ankle and went down in a heap.  Just superficial damages.  Onward! 


  1. Anonymous7/14/2014

    I love Linville Falls!!!

    Beautiful! Lucky guy!

    Peace <3

  2. no more falls please - meaning you falling not water falls. :-)

  3. the canadian falls are better than the american falls. EVERYONE knows that!

    and please be careful out there!

  4. David,
    I will be visiting Niagara Falls next month, both sides! First time since 1967. I was impressed than and I'm sure I will be again.

    Have you ever visited the Toccoa Falls in Georgia?