Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Getting Noticed

Few things will get you noticed in Old Town Alexandria, we are so use to seeing politicians, power brokers and minor celebrities that they get bumped into without being noticed.  But the little boat at the end of the pier is getting noticed. I saw her yesterday evening on my bike ride home and went back this morning for a closer look and a picture.  She was built in 2007 and christened Mr Terrible, she changed hands a couple of years ago and was renamed Usher.  The registered owner is a holding company, you have to pay a fee to access the database that will tell you who owns the holding company, and I am not that curious.  She is about 150 feet long, cruises at 20 knots,  has a crew of about half a dozen and accommodates 10 or 12 guests in comfort. She is available for charter out of Florida and the Caribbean for $175,000, plus expenses, per week. I wonder how many gallons to the mile? It is a way to arrive in style and get noticed and I am due for a real vacation.   


  1. oh how ostentatious! (smirk)

  2. Anonymous7/02/2014

    Holy toledo, Batman!

    That's a BIG boat, and EXACTLY what I would buy if I won the lottery!

    Peace <3