Wednesday, July 09, 2014


My crazy uncle owned a boat when I was growing up and a wild ride on the Lake Orion, if the boat would start, and if we could pump all of the water out was the highlight of a summer visit.  I've never owned a boat, a whole in the water into which you pour money.  My X refused to let me own one, I can swim, X couldn't, apparently I was not trusted.  When I lived in Hotterville, we were miles from water to boat on.  I keep looking at the Potomac and thinking I should own a boat someday.  Something small, and dry.  


  1. I've seen the Poseidon Adventure
    No boats for me xx

  2. a canoe? a kayak? a dinghy?

  3. My father owned a boat when I was a kid. You really didn't want to be around my father much on dry land....trapped on a boat with him? No thank you!

    And yes, they are big holes in which to pour $$$ unless you buy something small like a jon boat.

  4. Anonymous7/09/2014

    I had a small sailboat as a kid, I've ridden others bigger boats. Then had a canoe and own a kayak currently. Those are all the boats I need. Small, cheap, fun. The 1% can have all the others since they can afford them!

    Peace <3

  5. Boats are fun; my family had several. I think you should get one.