Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On the road again

This has been a busy year, lots of business trips and a quick weekend or two thrown in for fun. These are kind of like the previews before the feature film. It is time for the major adventure of the year. We will be visiting Bert and Someone for the first week, then I am taking DG to Brussels, Amsterdam and Normandy, then back to London for a long weekend and home. I promise lots of interesting pictures and probably a story or two from along the way. I should be back posting August 14th. Sorry about the long break, you all talk amongst yourselves and you'll be fine while I am off gathering blogg fodder.



  1. Anonymous7/24/2007

    I think the only reason Mrs. Squirrel & I would go to France is to visit Normandy. Take in the history.

  2. Oh silly squirrel! France is wonderful!!! Paris is beyond compare, and DG and I have southern France now at the top of our agenda, after seeing the gorgeous panoramas from the Tour de France this year. (Perhaps if Yorkshire goes well, we might hook up with Bert & Someone sometime in their customary annual trip to Provence.) DG also wants to see the Tour rush past him once before he dies. (He's hoping for a major crash right at that memoent so as to prolong the experience. He's neveer one to let others' pain get in the way of his personal enjoyment. One of the qualitiies that attrcated me to him in the first place - my kinda people!) Au revoir! Cheerio! Amd all that...

  3. Anonymous7/25/2007

    The Delta flight leaves Atlanta at about 5:30 . . . boy would I be surprised if you showed up. Don't forget your passport.


  4. I ... almost want to cry.


  5. Do you need me to ship a boat over for you stay in England?

    Well the rain might let up by the time you get there, but I would still get flood insurance on the rental car.

  6. I was just telling BabyGirl about you this morning. I told her that I had a penguin, a woodchuck, a hamster all ready to help with advice for getting her to England safely. She looked at me like I was crazy.

    I then went on to explain the whole penguin thing and how there is a tiny penguin in every picture you post. She still thinks you're weird, but she smiled and thought that was a cool idea.


    4 more days and you'll be back!!!!