Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Case Studies

Breaking the class into small groups to work on case studies allows the trainees to apply the knowledge and reinforce their learning, it also allows me to rest my wings for a few minutes.

I have returned from Detroit. The training was a smashing success. One of our local experts was a local judge. She is legendary. She started out by telling me about her plans to go bear hunting in Alaska in September and finished with a story about riding a Jet-Ski across the bay to perform an emergency wedding (the priest had a car accident and was headed to the hospital) with her judicial robes flowing in the breeze. If all judges were like her, I'd go back to trial law.



  1. When you have somebody like that in a class, the day just goes by faster. And you enjoy the day more.
    Most of the time the people I deal with just want to drink beer, or are drinking beer on the breaks.

  2. sometimes it scares me how close you and WC come to actually meeting in an airport somewhere - WC will be in Detroit next week . . .

    I really wonder who is our 6th degree of seperation !

  3. I think Bert is the missing link . . .

  4. Anonymous7/19/2007

    No, Bert can't be the missing link, he walks upright and his knuckles don't drag the ground (most of the time.)


  5. "If all judges were like her, I'd go back to trial law."

    I let Mrs. Squirrel know that bar has been set for her future plans.

  6. Hmmm, interestingly enough I don't care to hunt bears and I don't really feel the urge to jet ski.

    I guess I'll never become a trial judge then.

  7. Ah... Mrs. Sq. ponedring a run for a judgeship??? We do need more hangin' judges in this country.

  8. Mrs. Squirrel as a Judge...I can hear it now,

    "Off with their tails...I mean heads"