Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How can it only be Wednesday?

It has been a long hot week. It is bringing out the crazies. Today DG had a nice conversation with an old client who is currently recouperating in a rubber room, and three or four more cleints that need to visit the nice person in the rubber room. A few more days like this and DG will be ready to go visit the nice person in the nice secure hospital (ah, but they are letting her out in a couple of days.)
Detroit early next week (only because someone is paying us to go) and two weeks till we fly off to see Bert and Someone. TR


  1. When good old Capt. Ding Dong and General Twinki come in the nice white van and a jacket with 8' wrap around sleves, you know you have really made it.

  2. Who cares about white vans, you scored some of the Alaskan IPA, true nectar of furry woodland creatures and flightless fowl.

  3. Anonymous7/12/2007

    Alaskan IPA, I was thinking about you two.

    I wonder how he knows the van is white?


  4. Hmph, you make those nice white jackets sound like a bad thing. I thought they were well fitted and kept me quite warm and toasty. Nothin' wrong with that.

    Ahh I'm soooo jealous you get to go see Someone and Bert. Please drink a cuppa in my honor. :)

  5. Those jackets can be quite slimming... not that I'd know, of course. Detroit! We look forward to TR in thoughtful poses in front of the ruins. "America's Pompeii" as one British documentary put it. All I dealt with was an entire institution that should be paved in rubber: an ass't dean, a department chair, the director of distance learning, director of the evening & weekend college, registrar, and myself all in a fuss over changing one digit in one section number of one course for Fall. It nearly brought an entire 30,000 student university to a stnadstill. Ya think we'd all have better things to do!

  6. I thought WH lived in a rubber room.

  7. Wh's room is no longer lined with rubber; it is lined with penguins these days.