Monday, August 13, 2007

We went, we saw, we conquered!

And now we are home. We have weeks worth of things to post about, DG took over 1400 photos; those will take a few days to sort through. Great Brittan was fun and easy as ever. The expansion campaign onto the continent was a drive in the country. Normandy hasn’t been this easy since 1066.

Bert and Someone and Bert’s parents were so much fun, we couldn’t have accomplished it all without Bert’s brave driving in the face of RABITS! and TRACTORS!

More, much more to come, at this point we have been up and going for about 20 hours and sleep is a necessity; but we wanted to let you know that the campaign was a smashing success and the victors have returned with the spoils.



  1. The magical words that I love to hear at the end of a trip when you go through customs... I offer to you now.

    Welcome Home.


  2. Heh.. Bert battling the bunnies.. my money is on the bunnies.

    Glad you're home :)

  3. A crown fitting such a find bird.

  4. Rabbit!

    one must never be too careful - it could be a killer rabbit you know

  5. It didn't look like a killer rabbit??

  6. I mean with the teeth and such and what about the...and don't forget about the.....Well it was scary and stuff, so it had to be a killer rabbit.