Friday, August 17, 2007


One of the great joys of European travel can be train service. Imagine traveling from city to city and country to country while sitting in a comfortable seat, not packed in like sardines. Being able to walk up and down the isle, even being able to walk to the bar and order a refreshment or two and return to your seat. You buy a ticket, show up and get on. No one questions your motives, forces you to take off all metalic objects and pass through X-ray and metal detectors, no one threatens to strip search you, you just show up, step on board and find a seat. What a civilized way to travel. Here I am in the train termial in York, waiting for Bert and Someone to join us.

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  1. At one time I loved the ideal of trains. I'm still in love with the ideal of traveling on trains for fun, but not for work. You see, if I use a train for work, well then my cell phone would work and we don't want our cell phone to work. I would have to deal with customers that way. I fly to avoid the customer and have me time.