Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Westward Roll!

Here I am at the Gateway Arch of Westward Expansion in St. Louis, Missouri. The Arch is symbolic of the importance of crossing the Mississippi River on the way west to colonize the country. What travelers the early settlers were, they spent months traveling distances that we cover in hours by air, or mere days by car. St Louis is an interesting city. As a river port and Rail Road center the city has a rich history and it wears it well.

The St Louis Zoo has the most incredible penguin display. Humans pass through a series of airlocks and enter a room that is kept just above freezing. The glass separating the noble birds from the humans is only about 4 feet tall. The birds and people can see, hear and even smell one another. If you are patient, one of the birds will splash you. It is truly an amazing experience for man and bird.



  1. Ok, so I'm starting to wonder who is following who here. I was just in St louis last summer for a few days.

    Hurry up and follow me, I'm right behind you....

    Did you do the "barberlla pods" to the top of the arch?
    I found it to be to hot there with all the fur as such.

  2. Anonymous3/29/2006

    Oh yes, we took "Mr. Toads Wild Ride" to the top. Great views. We were there the summer before last, visted dead ancestors 40 miles north of there. We are off to Philadephia this morning.

    TR & DG

  3. Anonymous3/29/2006

    The penguin palace at the zoo was an absolutely religious experience! I'd never been so close, face to face, with the noblest of birds before. I felt as if I were physicaly bathed in their splendor.

  4. Anonymous3/30/2006

    I feel a new family forming...

  5. hmm, I need more coffee in the morning before I read Woodchuck and Penguin . . .