Saturday, March 18, 2006


Last fall I had the opportunity to ride Amtrak from Washington, DC to Wilmington, Delaware and back. For an American who lives outside of the northeast part of the country, the opportunity to ride a real passenger train is a rare treat. We departed out of Union Station in the shadow of the US capital building in Washington. For those of us accustomed to being shoehorned into airline seats riding the train is quiet a treat. The seats are very large, wide, lots of legroom, plenty of overhead luggage space. It seems that Amtrak must have hired some former airline personnel to work the gate for boarding (disorganized, hurry up, wait, then rush before the train leaves without you.) The conductress came down the aisle and punched the tickets (just like in the movies.) Overall it was a very pleasant way to travel.

This trip was the great planes, trains and automobiles trip. We drove to the local airport, flew to Washington, DC, took the subway across town, took a train to Wilmington and the two days later did that all in reverse. It was the most efficient way of getting to Wilmington.


  1. (ha! I beat Woodchuck)

    I want to take the train down the Columbia Gorge (or through Italy - whatever works) with my kiddos trains are such an experience!

  2. I love trains. As a kid I took the train from Seattle, WA. to Spokane, WA. for the Worlds Fair. It was so much fun.

  3. Italy has wonderful trains. The local trains from Florence to Piza pass through the most wonderful little villages and are very inexpensive. From Gatwick Airport into London we had a train that could have doubled as the Hogwart's Express (English trains are somewhat expensive.) In early May I get to experience the trains in Greece.


  4. If I mail myself to you, can I go with you? Really, I'm no trouble at all, eat very little, House(travel bag) broke, and have a passport.