Saturday, March 11, 2006

EPCOT with an Old Friend

Little Bob and I went to EPCOT a couple of years ago during spring break. This picture was taken outside the bakery in the World Showcase “France” pavilion. Little Bob is a Francophile of the first order, and he was thrilled to go to “France,” he had not yet been to the real France (we visited the real France a couple of years later.) Little Bob was so pleased when the French Penguin Film won an Oscar. One of our traveling companions has Disney connections going back over 25 years. He visited EPCOT while it was under construction and attended the private pre-opening party at EPCOT (his brother has worked at Disney since the late 1970’s.) We had a great time, and dreamed of being in Paris for a few wonderful minutes.



  1. I have goals of making it to England to see the Jaguar and Aston Martin museum and attend the Goodwood festival of speed. Then take a trip to the wine region of Italy. But, for now I'm destin to roam the hills and valleys of Western US and Canada.

    I hear that pickled French Herrings are to die for.

  2. Sometimes it's like I'm dreaming reading this blog. I'm still waiting to wake up.

  3. Anonymous3/12/2006

    Yes, the wine region of Italy would be more fun than the wine region of England. Hmmm. I'll have to check out the pickled herrings when next in France.

  4. Anonymous3/12/2006

    Build up the frequent flyer miles and away you go. I hope you are dreaming of places you want to go and not feeling that you are trapped in fantasy land with talking penguins.

    Herring, did someone say herring?


  5. I am just amazed at the number of blogs dedicated to flightless fowl and roadkill (ok, two).

    And sharing tips on locating stuffed marmot too.

    You guys make it through airport security too ???

  6. Anonymous3/12/2006

    Oh, airports are no problem. But there was the time a doorman in Canada mistook my wombat for a beaver. The wombat was quite indignant.