Thursday, November 03, 2016

Those Orange Shoes Again

Last May when I was traveling, one of my readers thought they had seen me in an airport, and when I posted a picture of myself in the airport wearing the orange shoes on the blog, confirmed that they had in deed seen me. Here I am in the same orange shoes, reflected in the paint on a Aston Martin parked at the car wash while I was waiting for my car to cleaned.  I like the shoes, how much, when the style and color went on clearance - I bought another pair.  They are in the box in the closet for next summer.  

I like bright colorful shoes for summer.  I have a pair in a bright green, that literally glow in the dark.   

What do you like to wear for fun? 


  1. That photo is brilliant! (And so are the shoes.) I tend to be fairly subtle in my color style. But I do have a pair of vivid Nike soccer-style shoes in violet and yellow.

  2. I, too, used to wear lime-green, high-top Puma basketball shoes, when playing in mens' leagues back in the mid-70s.

    Not as a fashion statement, but because they accommodated my inter-digital neuroma well.

    Once my foot got better I switched to more sedate shoes, and have been pretty mundane ever since.



  3. my pink crocs - worn daily. so damn comfy! of course, wearing absolutely nothing is fun too; just don't step outside! ;-b

  4. I like the orange shoes. I often wear my cowboy boots and hat.....or sometimes Army fatigues. I'm not sure if it's exactly "fun".

  5. I have a variety of sunglasses that I switch up here and there just for fun.

  6. Anonymous11/03/2016

    You have excellent taste. I've been trying to buy a pair just like those. What brand are they?

    1. Asics Cumulus 17-lite.

  7. Colorful socks, colorful high-tops, and the occasional crown.