Saturday, November 19, 2016

Slip Sliding Away

Skating, I never could skate.  Weak ankles, or weak nerves, and a rational fear of falling, a strong dislike of cold and well winter sports where never my thing. 

Look at the simple physics of a single blade ice skate don't make any sense.  They make about as much sense as 6 inch spike heals, by the way I have never worn cha-cha heals.  I did have a couple of pairs of platform shoes back in the 1970's, but it was the 70's.  


  1. then you must be a nice girl like dr. spo. didn't EVERYBODY wear platforms in the 70s? I tried ice skating once; not my thing.

  2. My sister was an excellent skater (and athlete). She taught me and I managed to stay upright, but that's all I managed. I had one pair of platform shoes in the early 70s. A friend was getting married and I had to buy a suit and dress shoes. The ONLY dress shoes I could find were platforms. I'm 6'2" and at that time I weighed 140 pounds. The shoes made added about 3 inches. Have you ever seen the insect called the Walking Stick?!?

    1. The thought of 6'5" and 140 pounds is striking.

  3. I love to watch skating. It's the thought of John Curry. He was great.

  4. I've always fantasizes about the thrill of swiftly flying across the ice and always been to afraid to even try the skates on.
    6 inch spike heels? Yes I've done that more than once.

  5. Anonymous11/19/2016

    Never been skating. I have this irrational fear (yes another one) that I'll fall over and someone will skate over my neck and decapitate me.