Wednesday, November 02, 2016

I May be Losing my Sense of Humor

I don't find funny, things I use to find funny, perhaps I am losing my sense of humor. Perhaps I am developing a better understanding of life and the human condition.  

I don't find sexist jokes funny anymore.  Over the decades I have told my fair share of dumb blond jokes, and neanderthal men jokes.   I don't find them funny anymore, those jokes ridicule people, for being who they are, the jokes encourage negative stereotypes.  

I don't find humor in ageism any longer.  If we privileged to live long enough, we will all be old some day.  Age brings changes, some positive, some not.  Age is a part of life. There is great insight and wisdom in age. Making fun of age, promotes the concept that being old somehow makes a person less valued as a person.  

I no longer find humor in disability.  We are persons first.  Coming within a millimeter or so of spending the rest of my life in a wheelchair, changed my perspective.  No two of us have the same ability, it does not make one persons ability funny.    

I no longer find humor in race, or ethnicity.  I apologize for all of tasteless jokes I have told over the decades.  Making fun of a person, based on who they are, or where their family is from, is bigoted and narrow minded.  It is a small world, all of us are from someplace else, all of us are different in some way.  

Yes, we are a product of our beginnings, but that does not doom us to not grow and change, and move beyond.  

I find myself less capable of tolerating excuses and self pity. Life can be cruel, get over it, or get some help with developing coping skills.  I have, and I have moved on, driving myself with a simple mantra, have I done the best I can with what I have to work with? I have some old friends who wallow in their woe, and don't do anything to try to improve their lot in life.  After a few decades it is wearing thin.  Life is the adventure you seize, not the one you wish you had. 


  1. "I had some friends who wallowed in their woe, and didn't do anything to try to improve their lot in life; it wore thin." - so I dumped them. I've got no time for pity parties.

    donald the rump has certainly brought the stupid to the forefront. more is the pity. WHERE are all the intelligent folk?

  2. Excellent post. Some people just grow older with no growth or insight.

  3. Are Trump jokes allowed?



    1. Yes, because he is not a human being. He is a thing. A terrible, terrible thing.

  4. Great post. I feel that it's not a loss of humor but maturing to wisdom. Wisdom, empathy and understanding are qualities worth achieving. I hope that I grow to understand more in others and laugh at myself more often.

  5. Having been blessed with a good sense of humour...I think now I am older I am more picky of what I laugh at?
    But I am more picky about most things now too

  6. We all change as we get older. That's life.

  7. humor - there is no accounting for taste.