Saturday, November 05, 2016

21 Things I Like (in no specific order):

I saw this on two or three other bloggers pages - Thank you Anne Marie

21 Things I like in no specific order:

  1. Travel 
  2. boats
  3. planes
  4. trains
  5. chocolate
  6. cheese 
  7. baking bread
  8. reading 
  9. walking - being able to feel my feet 
  10. creating photographs
  11. music 
  12. coins 
  13. roses 
  14. penguins
  15. sheep 
  16. old-mellow-dogs 
  17. cats
  18. cooking 
  19. My-Sweet-Husband 
  20. bicycles 
  21. quiet 
  22. finding the connections and differences between vaguely related data 
  23. losing track of how many things I like 


  1. #12 - what coins do you collect? now THAT's something I didn't know about you!

    1. PS - where was the above photo taken? I'mma guessing europe somewhere.

    2. I hoard pennies, and generally like coins for the tiny works of art that they are. The picture was taken in the German Alps, at a place called Bad Wiessee. I rented an electric boat for a tour of the lake, it was so much fun. I have long wanted to own a small boat.

  2. Old-mellow-dogs.
    You must come visit for my home is a sanctuary for senior pups and it's wonderful.

  3. Great list and I'm so happy for you regarding #9... and I especially love #19.

  4. Anonymous11/05/2016

    Long live 14.

  5. lovely list indeed