Friday, February 21, 2020

Memorial Bridge

This photo is Memorial Bridge, as seen from the terrace at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Art.  The Bridge connects Arlington National Cemetery, to Washington DC coming in just behind the Lincoln Memorial.  The Bridge is nearing 100 years of age.  It is undergoing massive rebuilding, while remaining open to traffic nearly all of the time.  When the bridge was built there was significant boat traffic on the River, so the middle of it was a drawbridge.  The Metrorail bridge, built in the 1970's ended large boat traffic on this part of the river.  Still when plans were being made to rebuild this bridge there was a lengthy debate about restoring the lifting mechanism, as a part of the historic fabric of the bridge.  Despite the fact that it will never open for ship traffic again.  As I recall the compromise was that parts of the lift mechanism would be left in place, but not restored to working order.  

New sections of the bridge are being assembled on barges, floated into place, and installed.  

The long low rise building in the background, is the Pentagon.  Yes it is that large.