Monday, August 18, 2014

Fading Away

This little guy has been fading away for several weeks.  I think he flew into the glass on the side of the shuttle bus shelter, he was pretty fresh when I first saw him 2-3 weeks ago.  The next day the aunts were having a feast.  He was still there a week later (I don't ride the bus often.) This afternoon he was still there, or at least the essence of him.  How far can he fade and still be recognizable as a bird.  Feathers, beak, his claw like feet, he still has the essence of bird. How much farther can he fade.  

I do research on aging.  We look at adults, fading, the same question, how far can we fade and still be recognized as the person we started out as? 


  1. Anonymous8/18/2014

    Amazing a crow or the like didn't grab this much earlier!

    I don't know about your question, but it's an interesting one. Perhaps until the dementia hits and everything goes?

    Peace <3

  2. That's sounds awfully melancholy

  3. Indeed this is a sad (but true) posting.

  4. Well... Poopsie was just a bucket of cheer yesterday. And then you had 3 hours of sessions on Alzheimer's today. Definitely 'tini time.