Thursday, February 27, 2014

Read me a Story

Dr Spo posted this one

1. Describe your favorite place to cozy-up with a good book.

I do most of my reading on the subway and on airplanes.  Reading really makes the time fly by.

2. What do you read when you’re on the toilet?

               Nothing, the bathroom is not a reading room.

3. Do you read when taking a bath?


4. If you can, do you read when at the gym?

               Yes, I will read on the treadmill or stationary bike. 

5. Do you still read newspapers  and or magazines?

               I read several newspapers online everyday .  I occasionally read a print magazine; I only have two left that arrive in the mail.

6. What are your favorite genres to read?

               Travel essay or narrative, business management and communications. 

7. Do you read one book at a time or can you read several? 

               I usually have multiple books in progress.

8. If you start a book, do you finish it no matter what?

               Usually, rarely will I give up.  Only twice have a tossed a partially read book in the trash. One was autographed by Ralph Nader, I don’ think I made it through the first chapter and I tossed it so no one would ever suffer by trying to read it. 

9. Did your parents read to you when you were growing up?

               No, not that I recall. 

10. Have you read to your kids/nephews/nieces?

               No, I almost never am around children.

11. How do you feel about reading books vs. using electronic devices? Have your feelings evolved from one or two years ago?

               I adore my Kindle.  I rarely read a print book.  I was shocked at how sudden and complete my conversion was.  I have broken or had fail four Kindles in three years, and I still love my Kindle and won’t leave home without it. 


When was the last time you looked at or read an adult magazine to satisfy yourself? When was the last time you even saw one?

               Do they still print them? Years ago. 


  1. Tell us penguin
    WhAts your fIrsT name

  2. The Penguin is Travel, the penguin keeper is David

  3. Bring your Kindle to DE: I wants to see it !