Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lambing Season

Okay, so we are a little crazy, we have a flock of a 150 or so penguins and a flock of 50 or so sheep.  They are all acrylic, they are not very demanding, very warm, fuzzy and affectionate.  They are very low maintenance.  Turn them loose and and they keep the carpet flowers under complete control.  The challenge is that I like inanimate pets like I like my men, large, and large one's can be a challenge to find.  The guy on the top is the first super-size sheep we have found in 2-3 years.  Herbert will make a fine addition to the flock in DC, the two on the bottom are joining the flock in Lexington.  The joys of inanimate pets, you can have hundreds of them and not be accused of being the crazy sheep guys (or crazy cat ladies.)  

I am visiting my hubby in Lexington Kentucky for the weekend.  He teaches at a University here.  I make it to Lexington a couple of times a year, the joys of an academic schedule, J is able to spend 20+ weeks a year in DC where my job is located. One nice thing about visiting Kentucky is the Bourbon shopping.  I can find the really good stuff here (no rubbish.)  


  1. I will stick to my two real sheep
    Less cuddly but cuter

  2. hohoho
    as soon as I saw the work "Lexington" I thought "oh! you could get some good bourbon" and lo! by the end of the entry .... great minds think alike!

  3. Any special orders for bloggerpaloza?