Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Chicago Blue Line Train

Wednesday marks three years that I have been letting you all peek at the world over my beak. There have been some quiet and boring spells when I have struggled to come up with anything interesting and one challenging period were I tried to post every day. I have lost track of how many states and countries we have visited together, lets just say a whole flock of them. I hope you enjoy my birds-eye view of the world and that we have many more years of traveling together. Thursday I leave in search of big fish and bears and won't post again until the 16th. Please don't play the theme song from Titanic, DG get so sentimental, his grandmother had a Titanic tale I should tell you some day.


  1. 10,000 years to the penguin!!!

  2. The 16th!!! How will we survive until then?? Well, I suppose everyone deserves a break..it is hard to post everyday...I'm gonna try. See ya in couple weeks.

  3. And they packed their bags and headed out West...