Friday, September 19, 2008

Fresh Seafood

What more could I want?" Well how about some great seafood! Ivars Acres of Clams in Seattle was great.


  1. I would have asked for my money back when they brought me King Crab instead of Dungeness.

    Dungies rule, Kings drool.

  2. LOL at Squirrel -

    later, I thought - hmm, they probably wanted seafood, being in the NW and all . . . but too many days at sea as a child and my fondness for salmon (you know the steaks cut with a saw on the driveway) and crab ( pots and pots full) has wained over the years - OOPs

    Steak anyone?

    buffalo of course ;)

  3. Considering I just ate half a bag of Chex mix for dinner, following it now with a caffeine free Diet Coke, I pretty much just want to smack you.