Thursday, September 18, 2008

Morning at Sea

What a wonderful, brilliant morning at Sea, nice and cool with a warm cup of coffee headed north along the coast of British Columbia, what more could a bird want?


  1. Ahh, reminds me of the mornings on my deck in Bora Bora with an espresso. Nope, couldn't want more.

  2. sigh, I have to settle for hot coffee on the front stoop in the crisp morning air watching the offspring scamper off to school . . .

    almost as nice of a view . . .

    unfortunately they still return a few hours later ;)

  3. "Who are these children and why do they keep calling me Mom?"

  4. What more could a bird want? How about me consultant...yeah, that's it! I needed to be along!!!

    Ok, wishful thinking...boy do I want to take a cruise now!