Thursday, October 04, 2007

Inns of Court

WH thinks I should buy one of the English Barrister wigs. They are terribly expensive, but then with DG's thinning hair something should be done. We wandered through the Inn, I have no idea if this area is open to the public. DG just smiled at the guard, waived and walked by as if he owned the place. No one came after us, so I guess it was OK. The English have a wonderful tradition of professional apprenticeship for lawyers who are going to practice in court, complete with the participants being required to dine together for at least a minimum number of times. American lawyers are so rude to one another, maybe there is something to be learned here.


  1. We are always willing to learn something....That's one reason why I like going to Western Canada...The people are so nice.

  2. And they give you such a thorough, relaxing massage on your way out...
    {insert fiendish giggle here}