Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Defending the City

In the August conquests we first took the city of York. Here I am perched on the mighty city defensive wall, protecting the city from the foreign invaders, oh,- right. . . that was us. We found large piles of dog poop placed at strategic intervals along the wall, obviously placed there for unwitting troupers to slip in. Being that most of the wall only provides a wall above the walk way on one side, with a sheer 20 foot drop on the unprotected side (where are the tort lawyers in this country?) the dog shit is obviously a clever plot to trip up the invaders from the south. Somehow we prevailed. Onward! TR


  1. Nothing says "We're here!" more than sacking York.

  2. If you have poo, fling it wait, wrong movie.

    All those little Yorkies running around, yuck.