Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Where can I find a red velvet tuxedo?

DG has been shopping for a car; something gently used with lots of plush to accommodate his middle aged behind and what he describes as demanding passengers. After scouring car dealers, the internet and asking every circling vulture what was in the estates they were working on he found something. It is very gently used (less then 12,000 miles in seven years.) The first owner is not dead, but she has no clue who she is or where she is and really does not care as long as they bring her pudding. The vulture in charge finally got the court order approved for the sale and now we are floating along in style. Why do I have this strange desire for a red velvet tuxedo to go along with my fuzzy hat decorated with flamingo feathers?



  1. Oh my goodness. LOL.

    (And I LOVE your description of the previous owner...)

  2. pudding!

    penguins in red velvet?!

    is this a Quentin Terrentino flick ????

  3. Now this is a automobile for a Penguin.

    Powerful Northstar V-8, leather seats and driven by a little old lady to church on Sunday. Although no one really knows for sure as she is on a mission to find her pudding.

  4. Don't forget the platform shoes, with the goldfish in them... Every Penguin needs to have a snack with him at all times. And an ale, just as long as you are not driving (Mrs. Squirrel is a Prosecuting Attorney and has a thing for "drunk swimmers", lets keep it safe out there...)

  5. Wheeee!!! Zoom zoom zoom... It's kinda like driving a high-powered mattress. So that's now one lean, mean little red car and one cushy, fluffy big red car for us. Tee-hee...

  6. That's just damned shnazzy!!!

  7. Anonymous9/15/2006

    `Demanding passengers?'

  8. Anonymous9/15/2006

    I have at times found 20 little beaks in the back seat all telling me how to make them more comfortable.