Friday, September 22, 2006

It’s always 5:00 o’clock somewhere

Here I am taking a little break with an “Amber Waves of Ale” at the Capital City Brewing Company. CCBC is in the same building as the National Postal Museum just west of Union Station in Washington DC. They have a sampler of all of their current products, good, very good. One thing I learned, beer and chocolate mouse don’t pair off very well.

Enjoy your weekends,

TR and DG


  1. Anonymous9/22/2006

    oh dear no, red wine with a chocolate mouse . . . a mouse, huh

  2. I will be there in April to confim the taste of said ale.... I am the VP of ales as stated by the all powerful Hamster.

  3. Your zealousness for your hamster-duties is most admirable! Also, the old post office is an amazing little building -- if you like sculpted white marble in a sorta "fall of the Roman Empire" kinda way. (And I'm talking about the interior of the building. Union Station not to be missed for the same reason, in case you haven't been.)

    PS: Oversight with the hamster-garage will be remedied.

  4. I hope that picture is fuzzy and it's not the remains of last nights festivities....


  5. Mr. Squirrel,
    You are teaching today, try not to smell like a pint when you show up little buddy.