Thursday, August 07, 2014


Friends of ours are building a new garage.  They started last week by tearing down the old one.  K posted with several hours delay on starting tearing things down.  This morning it was waiting for grading and site preparation.  The contractor said they would start at 8:00. K kept posting on Facebook that they were due to start any minute, due 30 minutes ago, due to an hour ago, where the hell are they and why didn't I sleep in today.  I finally posted that I could translate construction worker. When a construction crew says we will start at about 8:00 am, it means that they will meet at Denny's for breakfast at 8:00.  They will wait for Joey to show up, he had a hot date last night, is a little hung over and his truck wouldn't start this morning.  Once he shows up it will take a while for his breakfast order and while waiting he will tell them about how he ended up leaving the headlights on last night running the battery down. After breakfast they have to head off to the building supply store for hammer bolts, then stop for gas, then drive very-very slowly to the job site.  They will be there in time to break for lunch.  If they say they will be there tomorrow, be prepared, they didn't say which tomorrow, it probably means this week, but likely not the day after today.  If they say they will be there next week and don't give you a specific day, start looking for another contractor.  


  1. I told my youngest that if this music thing doesn't work out, learn to swing a hammer and show up on time, when you say you will. He'll be fighting customers off with that hammer if he does just that.

  2. Anonymous8/07/2014

    HAHAHA! YUP! 100% Administered enough contracts that prove it! Though I'd have to be Edward Snowden to prove it!

    Peace <3