Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Who Could Be Angry Looking At That Face

I spent the day bailing out idiots.  I am working on a major conference project, I have 60+ speakers that need to register using a discount code, and a new state of the art online registration system that does not have the plug-in to process a discount or coupon code.  Easy enough, call the toll free number and talk to the friendly operators, that after three weeks still can't figure out what to do because the new multi-million dollar software package won't process the discount code.  You would think after three weeks they would have learned the override procedure. Then after I should have left the office I get an email asking for a copy of my June report, that I filed in another new state of the art multi-million dollar software system, in June.  The request was to email the report, because the person who needed it, has not been trained in how to retrieve it from the online platform.  I could be be, very angry, then I see something cute.  This little cutie was in the row ahead of me a couple of weeks ago as I was wedged in the last row of coach, backed up to and across from the toilets, but who could be angry when he smiled at me? 

Tomorrow I am headed to Chicago to talk with the masters of one of the two useless software packages.  I will need to see cute things and think happy thoughts so I don't tell them what a bunk of idiots I think they are.  


  1. Anonymous5/20/2014

    Sounds frustrating, to say the least! And I, too, can't resist a cute smile!

    Peace <3

  2. Oh I am fed up with idiots too.

  3. Playing peek a boo with a baby...on a plane.... Recipe for disaster!

  4. Think of good whiskey/whisky and being home with the LOYL and penquins for starters. Don't let the turkeys get you down.... ;-)