Monday, May 05, 2014

What a $630 dent looks like

Sunday morning I stopped at a red light to check for oncoming traffic before turning right on a red light, and the pickup truck behind me didn't. They don't fix the bumper covers, they replace them.  If the car was 10 years old, or had 100,000 miles on it I wouldn't bother, but it is two years old with less than 17,500 miles on it.  I hope his insurance is responsive. 


  1. Lol...have you seen the state of my car?
    I've had two pigs in the back of it!
    That sort of dent is chicken feed

  2. the pick-em-up-truck's insurance should pay for the damage since the asshat didn't stop.

  3. Anonymous5/07/2014

    What a pain in the rear!

    Peace <3