Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Horizon

I am a 10 minute walk from a subway station.  The station has three parking garages.  This is the view from the tallest of them.  The tall building on the left is the George Washington Masonic memorial at the end of King Street.  To the right of center is the patent office.  The condo is on the top of a tree covered hill.  If we cut all of the trees down I would have a similar view.  In the winter when the leaves are off the trees I can see the masonic memorial from my terrace. 


  1. The memorial looks rather like a pagoda

  2. somewhat, john. when I lived in the DC area, I visited the memorial; george washington was a Mason AND our first president AND he defeated the British during our war for independence. a busy man indeed.

  3. Anonymous5/11/2014

    Very nice! I could cope with that view!

    Peace <3