Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Election Day

Time to get dressed and go vote this morning.  A Senate race and Congressional race on the ballot, both are easily predictable outcomes, but there are a lot of close races across the country.  We also have a bond issue and a State Constitutional question on the ballot.  The Bond issue is a routine transportation bond, under Virginia law the county can't sell bonds without voter approval.  The State Constitutional question I didn't know about until yesterday, it would allow a property tax exemption for surviving spouses of military personnel killed in the line of duty.  So the surviving spouse who is drawing a survivors pension for life, would get a break on property taxes - I know how I am going to vote on that one.

I have missed a couple of elections in my adult life.  I was busy and skipped a governors election in Florida one time, I spent the next four years telling myself, I can't complain about the moron governor I didn't vote for him, I didn't vote against him.  He was still a moron! I missed an election when I started working in DC and was still registered to vote in Kentucky.  I couldn't make it back there to vote, and I was not registered here. Again I lost my right to complain about the officials elected in that election.

Go vote! Earn your right to complain about our elected officials.



    in my area, we are voting for gov/lieut gov, state rep. that's it. short and sweet. I was #34 to vote this morning.

  2. Good foryou
    So many are apathetic
    I know I used to be

  3. indeed. This is commendable of you.