Wednesday, January 01, 2014


So what does 2014 hold?  

Some travel, though likely not as much as some past years.  I have a conference in Jacksonville, FL in January, followed by a couple of days with my aging parents in central Florida.  My sister is talking about getting married in early February in Florida. So I may be home for a week and go back to Florida again.  In February I will likely drive to Lexington, KY for a long weekend (assuming there is not a snow storm between here and there.) If I can get an invitation, I may attend the bloggerpalozza in Delaware in March.  I have a conference in early May in Portland, OR.  Oregon is one of 5 states I have not been to.  I may go a a conference in Scottsdale later in May.  We are planning a long weekend in Chicago for Memorial Day weekend.  I will need to make another trip or two to Florida over the course of the year.  

My parents are 86 years old, and in failing health.  I am thinking about a trip to see them in late summer and maybe late October.  I would like to go to Lexington for Thanksgiving with Jay this year. I have to be prepared for unplanned trips to Florida if an emergency comes up. 

We don't have plans for a major vacation the year, though we are due for one. Last year's discretionary budget was consumed with a new heating and air-conditioning system for the condo. Other than a few hundred dollars in plumbing replacements- there are no major home improvement projects this year. 

I don't talk about my work on social media.  This spring the project I am on is up for renewal for a new three year cycle.  It appears likely that the project will be funded.  But rising costs and reduced funding are making it hard to balance the budget (hence less work travel this year than in the past.)  It will be nice to have a three year commitment to the future of the project, even if I have to sell part of my time to another project to balance the budget. Last year the office moved, this year may see some changes in organization and leadership (my bosses -boss is moving to a new job in mid January.)  
J, also known as my other half, Someone, partner, or sweet-bear, is still teaching in Lexington, KY.  He is here about 20 weeks out of the year, I am there a couple of weeks per year.  At this point we don't see this changing any time soon. We are plotting a sabbatical in a couple of years, and his early retirement in a few years.  People ask about marriage, both homes are in anti-marriage states, at this point marriage would overly complicate our legal lives. I have thought about moving across the river to Maryland if Virginia does not get it's act together soon.  We have been together 21 years, it would be hard to be more committed to each other, but the legal protections of recognition of our relationship are real and something we should be able to take advantage of sooner or later.  

New year's resolutions? 

  • be more aware of what I eat
  • ride the bike more, move more
  • read more (turn off the TV) 
  • write for 30 minutes per day

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  1. I don't think there is any official invitation for the March get together; Ron (of Retired in Delaware) merely put up a 'anyone welcome' sign and have at it.
    So, if you are OK - this is your official invitation !
    I would like to meet you; please come to Delaware in March.
    RSVP via Ron !