Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Where do these shops come from?

In every cruise port you seem to run into the same stores. Jewelers, how many people go off on vacation and think "let's buy expensive jewelry from people we have never met, in a place we could never get back to," and think this is a good idea. How much champagne do these people drink? There must be enough cruisers with bad judgements because there are the same gold, diamond and emerald outlets in every port. But there are also local shops, owned and operated by locals, stocking art and artifacts created by locals. You just have to get past the overpriced junk shops to get there. Then there was the Juneau branch of a furrier from Cleveland.



  1. And that furrier had some very good deals on little chinchilla items!

  2. I've only been on 1 cruise, and that was 20 years ago on my honeymoon - but I remember thinking the same thing about those stupid $1000 watches that you could *get* for $700! YEAH! EXCITEMENT!

    Uh... no.

    Plus we were assulted by silver jewelry hawkers on the ferry before we even got to land.


  3. I wasn't too impressed by Ketchikan, either. Though my hubby and I have a photo from the EXACT same spot.

    I did, however, enjoy the sea kayaking I did while I was there.