Saturday, August 23, 2008

Older then DG and it still works

DG's first car was an Oldsmobile, not quite as old as this one, but it was a long-long-long time ago. We spend a few minutes talking to the couple who own this one, they went to college the same place that DG did (he was wearing an alumni shirt and this sparked a walk down memory lane.) They said that the local police in their home town have asked them not to drive the "Curved Dash" in their home town, it is street legal but the last time they drove it Dairy Queen three people drove off the street, one of them into a telephone pole watching the old thing go down the street. With DG's advancing age he will be have to be careful in public so that people don't drive off the street.
Special thanks to Kel, WC and Squirrel for the special birthday surprise!

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  1. Don't let the bears get to close to the penguins.